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What is REATIA?

REATIA is a metasearch engine platform. We index thousands of listings and properties every day, creating a clean and transparent database.

We believe that the best decision making is achieved by having as much information as possible. That’s why we show you market analysis within every property showed. Using Artificial intelligence we search and aggregate properties nationwide and present them with a complete report and market analysis.

Containing the largest base of properties in your country, we have a global alert system that will allow you to receive, in first hand, the entry of new properties or their changes of status/price

REATIA works to develop new features and to ensure the best quality of information possible for your business.

What to expect from Reatia?

Real estate market overview

With Reatia you have access to the largest and cleanest property listing in your country, aggregating thousands of different websites.

First to know

Do you want to be the first to know when a new property is on the market? Use our Alerts to know and reach first than your competition.
With Alerts you will know every day, what is new on the market, changed prices or status.

Always updated

Using Reatia, you know that the information that you are seeing is updated every day, and that gives up a leverage facing other competitors.


Have access to all kind of reports to support your business and to deliver to your clients.

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